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Orthodontics by professionals in Leicester

Effective orthodontic and teeth straightening treatments

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and would like to do something about it, orthodontics is a way of straightening or moving your teeth to improve their appearance. At Fosse Dental Care, we have Dr Pancholi who has a special interest in orthodontics. Trust us to use the latest teeth straightening techniques to create healthy and confident smiles for all our patients.

Orthodontic treatments are an increasingly popular option that helps:

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What are the brackets made of?

Fixed braces aren’t always metal. They can be ceramic, and invisible. These are only available on a private basis.
NHS treatment is only available if you are under 18 and if the treatment needs are met. This is based on the IOTN assessment, (Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needs) and the aesthetic component.
Ceramic braces are only available on a private basis. Although you will still see the metal wire; the brace is not as visible as the brackets on the teeth are ceramic.
Contact us to book a consultation for more information. We will examine your teeth and jaw, and aim to provide you with the best teeth straightening options. We can also provide you with expert oral care advice.

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Do you want to realign your teeth? For teeth straightening treatments,

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