Emergency cover

 The dentist will arrange emergency care in connection with the treatment provided, but emergency cover is not automatically available for other dental conditions. However, many dentists will give their unregistered patients access to their practice's normal emergency service. If in doubt you should check with the dentist or ring NHS Direct for information.

Our Commitment

Fosse Dental care's top-quality dental team and state-of-the-art environment, materials and equipment fulfill our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in professional dentistry.

Each person's mouth is unique.

We believe every smile should be customized to perfection, based on what each patient desires. Through careful assessment and discussion, we offer you the best options for your own situation, giving you the smile of your dreams.

Welcome to Fosse Dental Care's

With comprehensive, ongoing education and wealth of experience in all types of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, Fosse Dental Care is on the leading edge of their field. Our Dentists can do porcelain veneers, dental bonding, teeth-whitening, porcelain crowns, bridges, dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction and several other types of high-tech dentistry, all offered in an atmosphere of patient-friendliness and attention to your individual needs.

Fosse Dental Care is one of the most welcoming dental practices in the East Midlands. Your comfort, the efficiency of your care, your safety, and the successful completion of artistic, attractive results that satisfy you and contribute to your overall health are absolute essentials of Fosse Dental Care practice.



“I am a very nervous patient, my experience at Fosse Dental Care was great.  My dentist was very reassuring and explained my treatment step by step which put me at ease.  Thank you!!”

Miss Peters, Client